OctoPrint Saves Me From a Blue Screen of Death!

Recently my trusty Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer was having issues.. well actually the old Windows laptop I used to run it was having issues. When I set out to replace the printer I stumbled upon OctoPrint, which not only saved my printer, but made it much better than it ever was before.

This is that story:

A few more details for those that want to try this on their own

  1. I got the basic tutorial from here (I know instructables gets a bad wrap sometimes, but this was a great starting point!)
  2. An OctoPrint deploy script that made thigs much easier
  3. The case I used, but only the bottom half
  4. Getting started with the Libre Potato board
  5. I got my Libre board on Amazon.
  6. Make sure you have a sufficient power supply otherwise the board might brownout while printing